I Remember when I used to Nice

Today I yelled at yet another man in public. 

Unlike the other times, today’s moment wasn’t about my son and I didn’t let any bad words fly. I stopped to chat with a mum whose son has had an all mighty breakthrough concerning his psychological inability to eat. (You can read about him here).

Dane is such a cute little guy and we were celebrating together at the wonder of his massive success when there happened to be a bit of a jam that took place. Behind the mum I saw a man with a very cranky look on his face. That’s when my back stiffened and my eyes went squinty. He then said “stand somewhere else to talk” in a very rude way and I shouted out “Why don’t you walk somewhere else you cranky old man!!!”

I just don’t seem to care any more! What happened??

My son is now seven and after a while you just get sick of the  ignorance  that some people seem to posses and tolerance vanishes like a vapour. Okay, I don’t expect the world to know everything there is about disability but when one is rude, or arrogant, or displays impatience and disgust, or shouts at my son or any other vulnerable person then watch out.

The spring has sprung and I really don’t know how to go back to being that  nice polite understanding  person that I once was.  I guess I will move on and learn some grace along the way which my Father in Heaven will show me. I hope to learn that soon as this life is a marathon and having Grace for company would be great!!!


2 responses to “I Remember when I used to Nice

    • The thing that got me mad is that this lady had to wait 3 yrs for her child to eat and we were celebrating with his mum. I do though, want to respond more gracefully in the future rather then yelling at strangers in the shopping centre lol

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