Bernard, Bob and Barry

I have made such an interesting observation about my celebrity crushes; they all start with the letter B.

I really do have an uncanny knack of noticing patterns and the one mentioned below is a very odd pattern indeed.

Shall we start with the first B, Bernard Fanning who I found myself being quite fond of back in the mid 90’s when he was lead singer of Powderfinger. Oddly, I was mightily surprised to discover his first name to be Bernard as I thought he looked more like a Sean or a Shane. What was also bazaar about that discovery was that in the 80’s I was in love with the lead singer for The Angels, Doc Neeson and his real name is Bernard too!!!! So my theory is; if you are a lead singer of an Aussie band and your name is Bernard then it’s likely I could have a crush on you!!!

Any way, lets move on. The next B is Bob Downe. Such a cheerful lad that he brightens my day whenever I see him. My dream would be to sing a duet with him, however it would have to be karaoke as I always forget the lyrics.

Last but not least of the B’s is Mr Barry Morgan the organ salesmen. How can anyone not love Barry, with that charm and charisma?? Like Bob, Barry has the ability to make the day shine with his winning smile. Maybe I could ask Barry to accompany Bob and I when we do our duet???

So there you have it and interesting pattern of B’s, lovely smiles and sensational lapels!!

Tell me, who are your celebrity crushes???….don’t be shy.


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