Innocence: Where did it go????

It’s a funny thing when you are a kid and don’t notice any innuendoes or double-entendre’s and then one frightful day you are awakened to a whole new way at looking at something.

I mean take this song. As a child I loved singing it,  however as I was recently listening to it, my whole  perspective changed in an instant!!!!

Can I just go back to innocent thinking??? You can’t un-ring a bell my friends.

Another example of this was when I was watching reruns of Countdown on RAGE one night and Molly Meldrum was off his face drunk!!!! He couldn’t even finish the show. Hilarious!!!!

Like Laura Branigan  wearing a see-through top on with no bra or John Paul Young and Daryl Braithwaite all flirting with Molly…….I totally did not see that when I was a kid!!!!

I’m sure this has happened to all of us at some time, so what are your innocent no-more moments?


One response to “Innocence: Where did it go????

  1. I don’t know if this counts, but I remember when I was young, very young, I assumed that everybody – and I mean EVERYBODY liked me. It never crossed my mind otherwise. Then, one day, literally one day, at a time when I guess I was considered an ‘adult’, I found out that that wasn’t so. That blew me away. I’d like to go back to. Time when I ‘was’ more popular. 🙂

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