Yesterday I built a Teepee

Yesterday I built a teepee and it felt amazing to do so.

It was started on Sunday when we had a fun day at the community garden and I worked on it yesterday. It reminded me of when I was a child and I used to make floor plans of homes.

I would draw floor plans, make floor plans out of grass clippings or my toys, I would imagine floor plans and play accordingly. I loved looking at display homes and my greatest dream would be that I could look inside all of the neighbourhood houses. I think you could say that I had an obsession with houses.

I reflect on this and think “How remarkable”! I had no desire to become an architect and even today I have no desire to be an architect. Yet here I am in a community garden building a primitive structure that reminds me of my childhood desire to create houses.

I get quiet distressed at what I call ugly new estates, where houses don’t make ecological sense. Houses should reflect personality not wealth. I believe that houses need to reflect an understanding to the environment and should be  a place where we can be ourselves.

Any way, that’s enough of me preaching and here’s some pictures of my teepee.


8 responses to “Yesterday I built a Teepee

  1. This is mad tamar!! Love it, reminds me of a book I used to read over and over as a child called a house for ms mouse…about a mouse who was an architect and she used to design and build houses for other neighbouring animals 🙂

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