Kinetic Wind Sculptures and other stuff!!

I’m in awe. I have just viewed a Youtube film about Theo Jansen’s  kinetic wind sculpture that walks by itself because of a breeze.

My world of art is expanding and I love it. Just recently I have been enjoying making installation, weaving and butterfly palaces at the community garden and was asked what work ideas I could contribute from an artist point of view.

This got me thinking and since then I have been on a kinetic, wind, sculpture, music, sensory and interactive search.

I would love to see interactive musical sculptures dotted throughout the garden. I would love to see kinetic wind sculptures bringing visual delight to viewers. I would love it to be a place where kids with sensory needs can come and be stimulated or calmed by such an enriching place. I would love to see the garden to become an outdoor class room for children who just find it difficult to learn inside. I might just stop here because I could keep going.

I love this art world, for it’s more than just pretty pictures or limited to just arty farty’s.

The arts can provide innovation, enjoyment, play, problem solving, community connection and just good old fashion fun.  Beats me why people don’t value it enough??

Anyway enjoy the film and get inspired!!!!


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