Little boxes!!

All my life I have been told that I am unusual, unique or different. I get told often that I dance to a different drum beat to the rest of the world.

I have finally realised that everyone could be right???

I find that being in the box is very stifling for me: it frustrates me, it makes me feel blocked, at times disheartened, ostracised, it is suffocating and I just want to clam up!!!!! Is that too many descriptive words????

I never set out to be this way, I just be me.

I find that if I try to be what seems to be normal, then all the “in the box” words become relevant. When I am just being myself then I am free and happy.

The trick is not to be cranky at the people who love being in the box because that’s where they feel comfortable. I have come to the knowledge shared by our Sunday school coordinator that there are two types of people. “there are box people and there are out of the box people”

Wise words as it puts it all into perspective. We need each other and no person is better than the next. God loves me for who I am and I have been fearfully and wonderfully made, so I better just get over myself and embrace what God had made and that includes me and others!!!!!

Anyway, here is a song about little boxes that kind of encourages me and makes me feel a bit supported…hahahahha


4 responses to “Little boxes!!

  1. Your right and from my understanding God has made us each with certain tools to fulfill his divine purpose. By finding out you are different you have found out that you have a special set of talents and God has truly blessed you.

    • Thank you Tyler,
      I’m finding that when I go to the community garden and just be myself that people are blessed by it. I take for granted the paintings that I paint, as others seem to be touched by them in ways I could NEVER predict 🙂

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