Oh Dear!! A late submission

I have just completed and sent an assignment that was supposed to be sent last night and I’m a little dissapointed with myself but not devastated. My brain just hasn’t been able to get the information that I’ve read out of my head and into a format that is ready for marking.

Oh well, life could be worse!!

It has been a distracting couple of weeks as my husband went on a mission to India. You can read about his adventures on his blog called  Deeper Cries Out. It has also been school holidays and when the young lad is home every day it is very hard to concentrate on writing, so my studies kind of went blah!!!!

I really didn’t care to be honest as I decided that this holidays were going to be fun and if my studies fall by the way side for two weeks then so be it. This holidays we went to the garden where I actually did some gardening for once lol. (usually I’ve been skipping around the garden like a little kid). I also took my son to free holiday activities for those  who live in the post code 2523.

I’m not sure about my son but I had fun. I even made an awesome percussion instrument

This is me rocking it out at the homestead!!

Please ignore the mess of my abode.

Any hoo, back to school next week and then I can get on with my studies and hope for the life of me I don’t fail 🙂


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