My boy want’s long hair and I don’t care!!!

My Son want’s to grow his hair and I am happy to let it happen.

He has to endure many rules in his young life and so he should, as he is a child. However, there are some things in life that shouldn’t be a rule such as if a child want to sport long hair or not!!!

Okay, being a sensory child when confronted with scissors to his hair it’s like we are killing him and with that being said avoiding hair cuts is awesome!! Yet believe it or not, my young child has an opinion of how he would like his hair and his desire is for it to be long.

One of the first reasons he gave for growing his hair was so he could be like his Uncle Wayne.

Unfortunately my son has never met his uncle as he passed away quite a few years ago, but we have lots of memories and this awesome photo to look at.

The second reason he gave was because he thinks he’s a rock star. Let’s face it!! We all have dreams.

For me, I don’t mind little boys having long hair and I don’t see what the big deal is. You know, there really is nothing about my life that has been regular so why not follow the tradition of who I am and let my child come with me.

let the hair grow!!!!


3 responses to “My boy want’s long hair and I don’t care!!!

  1. Give me a head with hair.
    Long beautiful hair.
    Shing, streaming,
    Gleaming, flaxen, waxen.

    You go, girl! And let the hair flow! He’s adorable and will still be so. 🙂

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