The unexpected morning adventure!!!

This morning turned out quite different from how I planned, but all is good as I was then able to take a 25 minute stroll to my regular My Time outing while capturing heaps of images ready to be Instagramed.

It’s Book Week today at my son’s school and normally parents and family go along to join the fun. This is where it’s always a good thing to read the school news letter carefully, as I turned up today and there were no other parents present……. awkward!! So I asked at the office and was enlightened that because education week was not too far away a mufti day with a theme was sufficient.

Oh dear and today I was without a car so I caught a bus to the school (my son gets a special bus to school). I then had two choices, to catch the bus back home or walk to My time and hopefully scab a lift from one of the other mum’s who attend the group.

I believe that I made the best choice of walking to my destination as it was very relaxing and indeed my friend was there and she dropped me off at my local shopping centre.

Below is a few of the photos that I took along the way.


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