Just another lovely day at the community Garden

Yesterday was great!! I felt like a had one big shot of serotonin which flooded me with happiness. Once again I took my Arty stuff to the Garden where I then proceeded to work on some paintings. I’m telling you, there is something extremely pleasant in partaking in this activity!!

Notice the seat that the painting is resting on? It’s made from recyclable materials such as old tires, brick rubble that’s been used as fill and reused timber to create the seating. It has been made in the shape of a crescent and when I sit in the middle of it I feel like I’m the recipient of a big hug!!!…..That’s special 🙂

It makes me think of God the Father and why Jesus came so that we too can know the Father like Jesus. It  reminds me that no matter what I do or don’t do I can’t make God love me any more then he already does.

After having a lovely time painting my own thing, then came the second stage of happy happy joy feelings.  It was now time for me to pick up my son from school and other kids to be at the garden where I was able to facilitate an art session with the kids!!

It’s so good to see kids keen to be creative

I love how this little one began to mosaic bits of cardboard onto a bigger piece of cardboard. She spent a lot of time creating and inventing with just things that we consider rubbish.

I love the passion in this work

I’ve discovered that a community garden isn’t just for gardening. What ever your gift is use it and contribute to the diversity and pleasure of the place. When you reach out with your gift the enjoyment of your passion increases and more ideas start to flow. What I find so interesting is that I started going to the garden for my son’s benefit but now it’s me who is getting the biggest benefits of all.

I encourage anyone if it’s possible, to join a community garden, get out in the sunshine, contribute your gift and get to know your neighbours 🙂


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