Escapism!! What’s yours??

Just after my mum passed away more than three years ago, I remember feeling so down that I thought that I could never feel happiness again ever. One night, when in my sadness a cheesy romantic movie came on the telly that would normally have me change the channel in a flash. When the introductory music was playing I noticed how I suddenly stopped feeling sad so I thought “Why not, I’ll give it a go”.

I watched the movie and was grateful for the escapism as it was like ointment for my wounded soul. I then realised why such movies are so popular  and gained a respect for the once mocked genre. After that I began to wonder what is my escapism?? 

Well after thinking about it for a short second Kath and Kim came to mind “look at moi look at moi look at moi Kimmy Look at moi” For some reason they make me laugh and I feel that all is well with the world when I watch them. So I watched them and enjoyed my bit of escapism for a while.

I’m glad to see that they have a new movie out and here’s the trailer

I wonder if you have ever thought about your escapism and what it is? To be honest before that moment I really never gave it much thought.


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