Just getting my art on!!!

I had a wonderful day at the community garden last Wednesday as I took along my paints. It was so relaxing and as I was walking to the garden I could feel joy and happiness bubble inside of me. It’s been three years since I’ve painted a body of work. By that I mean, the participation of preliminary drawings, paintings that lead to more than one painting on a theme. In the past three years I have only completed one painting a year, which I find very unsatisfying as painting is my passion.

So the inspiration came as I received an email to do a live painting in Kiama and I jumped at this opportunity. As I thought about what I could paint about, the garden seemed a good choice as there are many theme’s going on in me about knowing God more and emotional healing that I know God has for me.

For a long time I have been pondering about the provision of God and how a permaculture garden is self-sustaining. This world can have many demands that can be exhausting to the soul. The first dwelling place that God provided was a garden and I think that there is so much we can learn in just that statement.

Being in the garden is soothing to my soul and with the inclusion of painting it feels so good. So this is me getting my art on

I decided to paint on cardboard boxes that I acquired free from Bunnings, which I think is quite fitting considering we use cardboard to create no dig gardens. I also feel in step with Ian Fairweather who often painted on cardboard.

Here are some close-ups of my work

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