Frustrating book search!!!

Frustration, frustration!!!

I am trying to search for a book that I read years ago in which I had  thoroughly enjoyed but forgot who wrote it and what it was titled!! I have been on the search for a number of years now with no suitable outcome. I asked the library about it, I have search author and book lists and I have Googled so many times. Next I’ll be asking random strangers on the street if they could help me with my book search!!!

It is an Australian novel that is narrated by a husband and wife. The wife believes that she has killed her neighbour so she buries her in the back yard and plants a flower garden. The guilt of this over time sends her crazy. The point of view from the husband is, he sees that his wife is very fond of her garden but is alarmed as she becomes increasingly disturbed over time.

There is also a nice little twist at the end!!

Anyway, does this story ring a bell? If so please let me know and I will be thankful for your knowledge!!!


8 responses to “Frustrating book search!!!

  1. Closest I’ve got is an old American movie called the PERGOLA with Glenn Ford only he buries the victim. Full of great twists. Bordering on a farce. Given its structure I’m guessing it was based on a play.

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