My coffee Table reality!!

I have always been a messy person and at times feel a little embarrassed when other women folk talk about how messy men seem to be.

Uh hum (awkward cough inserted when women folk ask for my opinion about what to do with messy husband or son)

The truth is, I am one messy chick who could be accursed of being somewhat blokey because men seem to always get the blame for messy housekeeping. So as a tribute to being honest about life and being a little inspired by this post here is a shot of my coffee table as it is.

Well, yes, indeed it is very disorganised and clutter is present but on closer inspection one cannot over look the fact that a cultured, well read person owns that coffee table!! Just check out that mammoth epic of a novel that’s sitting there!! Anna Karenin by Tolstoy. It’s a great book but it’s taking me forever!!

Life sometimes is messy and at the moment my life reflects this table.

So here’s to sticking it to stoicism, which is totally overrated!!!!!


7 responses to “My coffee Table reality!!

  1. Um… I am one of them ~ wanting the showplace but with a teenager that is hard to come by. I have over the years become more ‘lax’ regarding my wanna be showplace home.

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