The housing crisis…My thoughts

At the end of 2010 we were faced with the reality that exists in our  local area of what I call “the housing crisis”. I had no idea as five years prior to moving into our then abode you just rocked up at the realtor’s, leave a $20 deposit,  take the key, have a look and then decide yea or nay. Not these days. These days you check on the internet, send a request to go to the inspection and when you go to the open house you’re there with 50 odd people in the same boat as yourself.

The scary part of all this is who is continually overlooked, as I often hear stories such as this one Mum’s tears over rental search. When we were on our search for a new place to live, it was one of the most stressful times in my life and I had to visit the doctor as I started having heart palpitations.

It’s not only just single mum’s who are continuously being overlooked but all sorts of people and I really what to question what kind of toll will this take on our city where you have a whole bunch of people being denied the basic right to shelter. There is no law in place for realtor’s to discriminate against those who have a low-income, therefore those who have a low-income are being denied over and over again.

Now some would say that those who have a low-income just need to suck it up but those words just remind me of the famous quote “let them eat cake”. That’s just not good enough. This is a prosperous nation and to have such a crisis as this is unacceptable. It’s not meant to be this way as God has made provision for everyone on the whole earth, as it say’s in Proverbs 13:23  A poor man’s field may produce abundant food but, injustice sweeps it away.

When basic rights of human needs are denied then the results lead to an increase in anxiety and depression, a loss of dignity and feelings of shame and unworthiness. Do we want  to live in a society where there is a chunk of people who are experiencing this due to a housing crisis?? I just want to gather up all of those people and give them a big hug but my arms aren’t big enough. Perhaps I could pray for big arms?????


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