Apparently I was a hippy???

Going back a number of years I had very long hair right down to my bum and my brother enthusiastically labelled me as a hippy. That’s okay as I totally embraced the whole hippy thing and had strange want for being at Woodstock!!! The funny thing is that I really used to bag my dad out who wore 70’s retro suits during the 80’s and sported a 60’s style hair do with beard.

What happened to me that in my late teens that I began to dress like a hippy??

Art school!! That’s what happened, I went from living my days in a small coastal town to commuting on a bus to Wollongong to pursue my passion for art. I must mention it was 45 minute  bus ride and  not some faraway distant destination!!! It was so cool seeing people dressed differently and expressing creativity through their dress sense.

Once going to art school I didn’t immediately begin dressing like a hippy purposely, I was just a Dag not really caring how the world viewed me so I kind of fell into it….if that makes sense???

A number of years ago I decided to do a self-portrait from the above photo in the style of a 70’s inspired cushion with green hues.  Why on earth do I love this type of style?? Who knows, I just go with it. That’s what artists do.

Since my long hair hippy days I have sported many different types of hair styles. As you can see below!!!

The first time that I shaved my head was for charity but since then I’ve done it about four times!! The last time was for nits!!!! I could not rid myself of the evil little creatures!!!!!!

Below is one of my favourite hair styles ever. I got extensions and went blond.

I felt like between the hair stylist and myself, we had created a master piece together!!!!

I will never get extensions again as it was very high maintenance hair do and I’m a low maintenance girl!!!!

So here below is my latest do!! I’ve gone for the heavy fringe.

And this is a more accurate (not styled by the hair dresser) look of my latest do!! It’s a little bit fluffy but that’s because my hair is boofy 🙂

So I’m no longer a hippy chick but that doesn’t matter because just  like hair that grows so do I. When we grow we change and we need not fear it when it comes our way!!!

Okay, enough of the hair philosophy!!!

5 responses to “Apparently I was a hippy???

  1. Wow well done, it takes a lot of bravery to shave your head and to do it or a good cause! I’ve thought abit quite a few times to get a ‘fresh start’ and feel like a new me but I haven’t yet. It must be great for your hair though, the more you shave and cut it the thick it grows right?

    • Hi Dapperdolly, thanks for dropping by,

      shaving my hair was soooooo liberating. I had always wanted to do it but felt hesitant. When the charity opportunity came up I jumped at it!!!

  2. HIPPY!?!? Right up my alley. I, too, am a lover of those days. Lived them. But, I, on the other hand, did not outgrow the look or mentality. Good? Bad?Who knows. I’ve got peace signs on my peace signs! I wish I could share all my coiffes. I’ll save that for another time 🙂 I love the photo with the sunglasses. I see your hand in the reflection taking the pic. Lol. Peace.

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