Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey!!

I can’t  believe this but only last month I wrote a post about journey and here it is if you would like to have a read.

So I’ve had give this topic more thought in order to challenge myself with this weeks challenge. Sorry to reuse an image but it’s not exact so I’m not completely cheating!!!


Usually when one goes on a journey one makes sure that they are equipped. That would depend on where one is going as to want to take.

When one embarks upon a journey there are many different sights.

And of course the are many new horizons that one could face along the way

And like with any good journey there are always doors that one is sure to come across!!

May your journey in life go well


5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey!!

  1. i agree with Maggie L R – enjoy your journey 🙂
    thanks for sharing.
    i especially like the photos of the suitcases – great composition! and that door looks so worn and fascinating. if it could tell the stories of the people it provided entry for….

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