Planted by the River!!

I’ve had such a good day today and I consider it quite the treat. For the past couple of days I’ve been bawling my eyes about being an artist. Why???? I can’t tell you because I don’t even know why!!

But funny and interesting things happen, such as last night at the end of my home group (which is bible study group) one of the gentleman who attends asked me if I was okay as he noticed how distressed I was on Sunday. That’s when I proceeded to tell him about my sudden emotional dilemma of being an artist which is so weird cause usually I couldn’t care less about such matter’s that were reducing me to tears………uh um……….. waffling Tamar!!!!

Anyway, I went home and sat on my son’s bed so I could touch his foot (sometimes I need to do that as he can have trouble calming down to go to sleep) and as I was sitting there I got a vision of myself as a tree and all these branches were branching out. Some were musical, some had paintings, some told the story of the journey it is to raise a child with VCFS and many more aspects to my life.

I then (after the little fella had quietened)  grabbed my bible and looked up Psalm 1 with particular interest in verses 2 and 3. I then began to sing a song and was uplifted and full of joy.

This morning I went for a walk armed with my vintage methods of capturing images….sketch book and pencils!! I drew a few pictures and then decided to try and draw the vision!! this is the result below!!! I think it will become a painting and kind of reminds me of the fabulous artist Marc Chagall

Sometimes we just have to cry even if we don’t really know what it’s all about. I will take it as a healing experience and will carry on with joy and rejoice in the  breakthrough!!!!


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