A year with Instagram

Reflection time as I think about my year with Instagram.

If you have never had the experience of Instagram I can tell you now that it is mighty additive and I often refer to it as a visual Twitter.  It is a free app that lets you play with your iphone pics’s (Instagram will soon be available to other smart phones too) and is also interactive.  At first I had no clue about that social part as all I wanted to do was be experimental with my pic’s  on the iphone!!!

When I started to get notifications due to people liking my pic’s and commenting, that was it!! try to stop me!! For a bit longer than a year and I’m still enjoying my Instagram experience!!!

So let me reflect:

  •  I love how I can always grab an image that strikes me instead of saying to myself “If only I had the camera, that will make a great photo”
  • I get inspired daily by beautiful pictures and creative thinkers
  • I get to be creative
  • I love the instant nature of Instagraming
  • I use many of my pictures for posts and that makes me feel creative and happy 🙂
  • I think that I may be repeating myself????
  • It has become an artistic platform that encourages me to continue taking pictures of the world around me
  • I don’t care if the photo’s diminish in quality due to the filters!!… perfection stifles creativity!!
  • I love that perfection is taken out of the equation…for goodness sake!! must I burn that in more?????

So that is just a brief expression of how I have enjoyed my year on IG and I recommended it all the time 🙂