I don’t like cats but they like me!!!

I always find it a strange thing when I visit someone who has a cat and they say to me  “our cat hates people” and I say “well they will love me because I don’t like them” and sure enough give it about 15min and the cat is rubbing it’s back on my leg, sitting on my lap and purring like we are good buddies!!!

I am a cat magnet and I suppose if I had a low self esteem this might just perk me up a bit but I don’t really think it has anything to do with my magnetic personality but everything to do with the narcissistic  nature of cats. I really don’t care about cats so therefore I NEVER pay attention to them and I am sure that this is what makes me attractive to them.

I think this is quite reflective of some people out there. This is not official research just my own observation of being an interactive person of society. There have been some people who I have met who at first glance want nothing to do with me. How do I now this? Um, you know when someone has contempt for you. In response to those people I put out my “oh you’re just a cat personality” persona and guess what happens next??? It doesn’t really take that long but sure enough little miss/mr narcissus wants to be my friend!!!!

These type of people are not real friends but only want to have friendship to serve their own purpose and see a person like me as a challenge. This is a deceptive way to friendship and I don’t want any part of it in my life. At least with birds I know they hate me and there’s never any confusion there!!!

Let me explain. Birds hate me, yes they do but at least I know where I stand with them. When I was a young lass we owned a budgie called Nipper it would bite, yell and scream venom at me daily. Yet  with my brother, Nipper would affectionately sit on his shoulder and tweet sweet nothings as they caressed cheek to beak!!!

In fact  it wasn’t just Nipper with this attitude towards me but other birds that came into out sphere and lived in a cage at our house. I go a step further and say magpies hate me too!! I have been swooped many times and it just about freaks me out come spring time!!!! I have never done anything bad to birds, they just hate me!! Alfred Hitchcock was onto something I think!!

So, if your cats hates you just hate it back and you will get all the affection you crave!!!


3 responses to “I don’t like cats but they like me!!!

  1. Funny, but that people/cat thing doesn’t work for me. If one of those cat people had contempt for me and I ignore them, it just gives them more ammunition against me. To each his own. Don’t need those feline-type friend in my life anyway.
    Interesting post 🙂

    • Hi Gemma,
      I realise that not all people who wont talk to me are “cat like” as some people are shy or just feel comfortable in their own skin and don’t need me in their life. I’m referring to those people that come into your life and they show that obvious contempt and when you ignore them they suddenly want to be in your life.
      When they come into your life its full on and the next thing you know they are trying to control you, change you, put you down in a really nice way and drag you into their drama’s that are not worth the time and energy being wasted.
      That’s when boundaries need to be placed strongly!! As I’m getting older I am becoming wiser to such people. It’s usually these type of people that when I meet them I immediately get a gut feeling of “watch out, don’t trust them”

      And for those people who continue their contempt for you after you ignore them , I would say that is bullying and the problem is theirs not yours 🙂

  2. Thanks. I need to let go and move on. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Having a rough work year. That’s too long a time to waste. peace… 🙂

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