So what’s my niche???

Lately I have been asking myself the question of “what’s my niche?” What type of artist do I want to be and what is success anyway? Before my son arrived on the scene I was out there having exhibitions and spending loads of money with no financial rewards. Mind you, the rewards came in the form of the thrill of being out there and receiving feedback!!

Today my creativity has been Instagraming,  blogs and writing songs and for a awhile I had felt a little discouraged about not being “out there’…….but when you think about it, social networking is “out there’.

So anyway, I have recently felt the urge to paint again but I don’t want to do commissions and I don’t want to try to discover my niche. To be honest I’m a bit over it and I don’t want to try to please anyone…oh dear, does that sound too narcissistic??? I continue with saying I don’t want to paint pretty pictures that appease the masses or nor do I want to paint generic images that they sell in department stores….oh dear, now I’ve gone all grandiose…the confessions of an artistic snob!!!!

So what  solution have I come up with?? Considering that I am currently studying to become a teacher, that will be my bread and butter. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I feel very passionate about becoming one. This thought then gives me the freedom to just be an artist. It’s the act of creativity that gets me going and of late I have felt the strong urge to paint while everyone is worshipping at church. I am sure soon that will happen and the thought of it just thrills me. Who knows where it can go?? All I know is that freedom is connected and the pressure to perform in a financial way is absent.

Perhaps being an outstanding teacher is my niche?? Perhaps just painting from my heart and not being concerned about “will this sell” is my niche?? So what is my niche?? I don’t care as I am free!!!!!