I have been a Christian for about 22 years and I describe it as an  extraordinary journey to live.  When I met Jesus I was sitting around a camp fire at a Christian camp and was struck with the reality of  how I didn’t have a story about when Jesus came into my life. This saddened me. I wanted a story too!!! I also recognised how I was a pretend Christian   and in an act of spontaneity I stood up in front of every one and declared that I was indeed a pretend Christian.

In was in that moment that my life changed where I saw the mask smash to the ground destroyed.  I sat down to everyone’s applause as I finished my spontaneous speech with “now I know Jesus, my life will be fantastic”!! As I sat there thinking of what had transpired my heart cried out to God “please help me to be a disciple of Jesus”!!!

The camp fire that night has long burnt out but the fire of God burns within me for eternity!! Sure, life happens and things don’t run smoothly!! I know, you should hear about the many traumatic events that occurred in my life for past the six years!!

Just recently another event occurred that had us saying goodbye to My husband’s beloved Dad just before Christmas.As you can imagine this is a tough thing to face but in spite of it, we both have in the past week experienced the most refreshing time of the supernatural love of God.

Part of it has to do with listening to music from Bethel Church and Jesus Culture. My friend sent us Be lifted high and we have immersed ourselves into the music and have been inspired to worship. It has stirred my husband, it has refreshed us, it has made us frustrated, it has made us want more, it has created desire to want to know the Father more, we want to see freedom come as it is in
Heaven the same on Earth!!!!!

When I first heard the song featured below it felt like I was drinking fresh water and didn’t realise how thirsty I was. It seems like church worship has gone so professional that there is now no more room for creativity and heart. Please, this is not an attack on current treads within musical church practices just a challenge for us all to want more!! To realise that God does not fit in our little human minded boxes and we can’t just say to our selves “this will do!! we’ve made it now!!” No!! There is always more!!!

Do we really have to do three songs?? do we really have to play a song the same way?? Why can’t the musician prophecy with their instruments?? Do we really want to be like the mega church’s??? or how about we just be, us?? How about we get  know how much our Father in heaven loves us more than anything that he sent his Jesus to die for us? How about we take up our birth right? So, how about it??

I feel ignited and refreshed. I feel like the floodgates have opened and I feel alive. I’ve woken up from a tired dream. I feel challenged and I want more!!!!!!

4 responses to “Refreshed!!!

  1. i like this story it is a lot like my wife who is upset because she doesn’t have a testimony like mine or some big sha bang on how God changed her life. the truth is not everyone has a huge deal that God brought them out of or changed them the real thing is that you are real in your relationship with God and when or if you minister to people just be real and honest we have all been deceived by one christian or another and when it happens it hurts us all in the work we do to share the gospel. So go plant the seeds and let God and the holy spirit do the watering and maturing for those people.

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