Just needing to vent a little

  • I need a cup of tea
  • I need a hair cut
  • I need extensions (and I don’t mean hair ones but rather the kind of the assignment type)
  • I need to reconsider doing a study period at this time of year (am I insane???)
  • I need to grieve (my Father-in-law passed away last Sunday)
  • I need Christmas to be relaxing and back to basics (got no money)
  • I need money (who doesn’t lol…sorry for that bit, I hate windging about such matters)
  • I need empathy not symathy
  • I need space to do my uni stuff (bugger!! it’s school holidays…..six weeks of it)
  • I need to purchase more undies for my son who is now toilet trained (albeit he still does have accidents…..did I use albeit in correct context???)
  • I need to find out why our electricity sky rocketed out of control ( we have a leak somewhere)
  • I need to pause as I make myself a cup of tea
  • pause
  • I need to get more exercise
  • I need to get on with my assignments (I’m distracted and here I am writing a blog)
  • I need to eat one of those chocolate truffles that I made (they are soooooo yummy)
  • I need to think of more things to need (just so I can extend this post out a little longer to make it look more balanced since I threw a pause in there. It will look top heavy other wise…..or maybe not??)
  • I need to check my Facebook and Instagram regularly (No!! I’m not addicted!!!)
  • I need to stop venting and get back to my studies!!!
  • I need to say “see you in the next post and thank you for reading” 🙂

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