I don’t understand this saying??

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too”!!

 Can somebody please explain to me how this pointless saying has become so popular?? Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? What is the point of baking a cake to then not eat it??? Why does anybody even bother to bake a cake or buy one from a shop when consensus says  you are not even allowed to have a bite?

I’m not really a big cake eater myself but if I go and grab some delicious rich mud cake from the cake table then trust me: I am going to eat the lot!!!!!! If I was going to comply to the saying then I would grab my cake, sit it in front of me and just look at it. Oh, what a pretty cake, shame I can’t eat it because according to some pointless saying “I can’t have my cake and eat it”  Seriously, there needs to be a big review of this saying because it lacks no common sense at all!!

Life would just make so much sense if this saying could just bite the dust……if you want to describe how one can’t have everything then please dig deeper and come up with a more appropriate saying!!!!!!!


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