Memorable books part 2

I really love reading books and enjoy sharing the good one’s with others so here is part two of my memorable books!!!

  • At home by Bill Bryson, When I first heard about this book I immediately wanted to rush out and get it, however I didn’t but I booked it from the library and throughly enjoyed my choice to do so. It’s just a wonderful history of why we do certain things and where particular saying’s came from. It addresses why we have salt and pepper to accompany our dinner table, you know all those interesting things that don’t really matter but for some reason one must know about it!!!!!
  •  The turning by Tim Winton, This book ends and I want it to keep going. I even wrote more in the back of it as I felt like I knew these characters and had become a part of their lives. It may not suit every one but for me it was totally engrossing and I even had a laugh out loud moment when some of the characters visit a relative who mistakenly think they have the right back yard, have a jump in the pool then hilariously realise their error!!!…..anything by Winton!!!!!
  • The source by Robert Michener, This is an epic of a book but totally worth the endurance. It was a book full of interesting  history and thrilling stories that had me engrossed  for six weeks. It’s about a group of archaeologists  who dig through a mound of dirt. As that part is unfolding  you are taken on a journey about the history of the Jewish people throughout the times!!!!
  • Purge by Sofi Oksanen This book had an intriguing cover so I picked it up and it turned out to be one of the most absorbing books that I have read in a long time. Set in Estonia, it centres on two women from different generations and as the story unfolds connections are made. I found it to be a haunting read and one that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
  • 1984 George Orwell, I read this a few summers ago and found it to be very disturbing yet completely fascinating. One of the most powerfully disturbing images was when the main character Winston Smith has been captured, starved and tortured. After a period of time, the torture stops and he views himself in the mirror and is horrified to see an emancipated man standing before him!! Not really the type of book for light reading but if you are a suspicious sort then this ones for you!!!!!
  • The lion the witch and the wardrobe by C. S. Lewis My second class teacher Miss McKell read this to us in class and it was one of the most fascinating stories that I had ever heard. Can I have a wardrobe that enters  into another land too??? As an adult I still found it a powerful tale and is one of my all time favourites!!! Another interesting story about this book is, a number of years ago My hubby and I went fruit picking. While we were at Bairnsdale VIC we got a job picking beans and on one of the days I was having a conversation with a man who in my opinion  was just a little bit creepy, we were having a discussion about books. When I mentioned my love for The lion the witch and the wardrobe he very sternly said “I don’t!! its way too obvious. I should know I used to teach it!!!” I then replied ” oh were you a teacher?” Where he then said ” forget I just said that, I don’t want to talk about it”  We then had a very had a very awkward moment where I broke the silence with ” What about the Lord of the Rings trilogy???”
  • The Broken Shore by Peter Temple This is a book that had me hooked with the first paragraph and was intriguing all the way through. I normally struggle reading Peter Temple novels but this is the exception. It is very symbolic as the title reflects where the main character is at while at the same time a murder is solved. A beautifully written piece of work!!
  • The little Match girl by Hans Christian Anderson This is a story that captured me a child and made me feel deeply sad for this poor girl. There is a part of me that would love to write stories like this, I just want to make everyone cry!!!

3 responses to “Memorable books part 2

  1. That encounter with the mysterious and creepy stranger is very odd indeed. Fortunately it doesn’t detract from the wonderful nature of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe itself. On the contrary, if that weird guy found it objectionable . . . that serves as a positive endorsement, doesn’t it?

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