So I joined the community garden

While I was studying my last subject ‘Play and pedagogy’ I was required to watch a lecture by Richard Louv who is a journalist and wrote the book Last child in the woods. As I was listening to what he was saying I was very moved, especially when he was explaining how this generation of children spend less time in nature than any previous generation before. He then went on to describe how in his childhood he had a special place that was in the woods, where he would play unsupervised and made a connection with the earth. I then began to reflect on my special place that was at Minnamurra River. I would spend hours chasing soldier crabs, climbing mangroves and feeling the squishy sand in my feet.

It was from this moment that I was suddenly struck with sadness that my son does not have a special place and really hasn’t had the same opportunities to connect with nature as described by  Richard and myself. It made me wonder why it moved me so and I think it’s because I believe that God made us from dirt and gave us a paradise called earth. I am convinced that we are  supposed to enjoy this planet and be connected to it.  I then decided that I must take action so I rang my local council about a community garden that I had noticed while walking to coffee one day. I was delighted to learn that they had a working bee the very next day and was invited to go along and check out the garden with my son.

It was like a hidden paradise and my son’s favorite part was standing on a dirt mound to be King of the castle where  he got to throw the dirt!!!! It’s a small commitment on my part, of once a week after school I will take him down the garden. I hope to gain through this experience an appreciation for nature and to educate my son about the importance of being connected to this great gift called earth.


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