A breakthrough with play!!

This afternoon I feel as though I have had a breakthrough with my son. Usually when he comes home from school the first thing that he wants to do is play either the X box, PSP, or my iphone. I’ve really been thinking what can I do to get him to play meaningfully just like what I have been learning about through my course. I’ve never had an issue with getting other children to play along where I have facilitated a play/craft activity, however, when it comes to my son who has VCFS It seems to be a bit of a challenge.

It sometimes grieves me that he is not like other kids but nevertheless he’s my precious son and I love him and I am certain he can learn to play too. This afternoon we were out in the back yard and I suddenly got inspired  to mark out the shadows on the concrete with some chalk, but then my son said “can you make a road?” the next thing he is getting me to draw our Mazda, an electric train, a cruise boat, the lake, the harbor and all the things that have meaning to him and it went on and on. He even wanted me to draw Curtin university lol!!! He is so interested in my Studies!!

He then started talking about his memories of being on a cruise that was kindly donated to us by Kidswish, recited a book about a little toy boat lost on the lake. It was so exciting for me. Then we went inside and he saw his cars and I suggested that he use them on his road where  he played  outside unsupervised for at least half an hour!!!! The use of language is awesome and exquisite. The concentration and in-depth play was  unbelievable!! Yes he can play and I knew he had it in him but I also knew that I had to do more to release him into it as he does lack some self motivation.

I feel that if I want to be an extraordinary educator  for other children, then I need to dig deeper and be that for my son too. It was a great afternoon and I feel like much was accomplished!!!


4 responses to “A breakthrough with play!!

  1. Interesting post. I agree with you – modern technology I find detracts so much from what play can offer. Last night my son and I payed Monopoly and do you know it was such a joy. Note to self me thinks – do this more often. I enjoyed it as much as he did too!

  2. I don’t mind the technology except he has a one track mind about it lol. I must add that with the iphone he uses it to create videos and records his voice and I do consider that play, however, its the lack of other play which concerns me.

  3. What a great day! I really enjoyed sharing it with you guys!
    Bruno also had a fantastic day, he had a brilliant induction at his new Kindy where all the teachers are excited (rather than scared) to have a non verbal boy starting next year. His anxiety was almost non existent! Then he had soccer tots, donated by Lifestart- which he loves and we were told he has a natural talent with a ball 🙂
    They all get there in their own time don’t they Tamar? This has certainly been a fantastic year for Bruno so far, sounds like Zachary too. Xxx

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