My idea of the ideal job!!

Tomorrow I will be conducting an art lesson for my son’s class and I feel really excited about it. Before I got preggy with my son I had my own after school art classes for kids and just recently realised how much I missed it. At the beginning of the year I applied for a job that’s description was “Artist in residence at local child care centre”. Unfortunately I didn’t get that job, as I was under qualified. I was a bit disappointed about missing out on the job, however, I didn’t let it get me down.

Now that I have commenced my studies to become a qualified teacher I feel confident and excited about the prospect of being an educator. As I was thinking about the planned art lesson for tomorrow my mind cast back to thoughts of being an artist in residence and suddenly I realised that this really would be the most ideal job that anyone could ever have……well not every one…….the most ideal job that I could ever have!!!

The thought of that job energizes me, as I love being an artist and I love sharing the knowledge.  It would be so lovely if in Australia there could be more opportunities available for this type of job. I only know of one position of this description  in my local area. Can you imagine if all child care centres, preschools and even primary schools had an artist in residence, how awesome would that be!!!

Pardon me, but that was just me dreaming in the previous paragraph!! But you know what? Sometimes it can start off a dream and who knows where it can lead???? I would love to see art more valued in our country because honestly, I’m sick of carrying  the weird, unusual and messy title. I am more than that: I am intelligent, exercise humour on a regular basis, I am a citizen with much to offer and soon I will be qualified to get a “real job”!!

My working life has been an interesting journey,  as I have never been employed on a full-time basis and have had to invent jobs just to say that I’m doing something. For many years I never let this bother me but as I get older I am feeling a fire burning in me that says enough!!!  What am I trying to say???  I want a job that is satisfying, fulfilling and worthwhile. I want a job that I think is a value to society and will help those kids that may not have strong academic ability yet, are creative thinkers.

OK enough of the rant!!…….. I’ll be back for another day. 🙂


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