Discovery is a wonderful thing!!!

This morning I found out after many years of wondering, what the word protagonist meant!!! I’m in shock as its a word that I really should have known by now, as I’m a avid reader and love watching shows about books where the word PROTAGONIST is frequently used!!!!

It just goes to show that not all information is received and understood immediently, some times it can take years. The key to my gaining the knowledge in this instance was, that I finally asked the question “What does protagonist mean?” I posted the question on Facebook and Googled it and the same answer came back……….”The main character of the story!!!

It reminded me of the time I packed capsicums in Bowen. For many years I thought they were called capsiCUNs, when I noticed how all the Filipino workers were calling them capscIUMs. I then observed on the boxes that indeed the fruit that we were all packing were called capsicums and not capsicuns as I thought all these years!!!

I find it a fascinating that one could be incorrect for many years or simply not be aware of an obvious word. I love it when the correction comes and it kind of just blows you away in amazement!! Amazement of, how could I have not known this after all these years????

Let me just  finish by saying, discovery is a wouderful thing!!!


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