God redeems lost moments!!!

Today I really felt the need to visit my home town and have lunch at a particular cafe, which shall remain nameless as God forbid I ever get sued for deformation!!!

So I ordered some fish that came with chips plus a pot of tea and all up, it cost me $17. When the meal arrived at my table I was massively shocked!! It was the piddliest fish and chips that I have ever seen and was clearly not worth the money I forked out.

I ate with crankiness and wonder of such robbery, I kept thinking that I could get the same thing up the road for much cheaper, I was dissatisfied and said to myself ” I wont be back here again”!! I even left most of my chips as they really weren’t that nice at all.

As I was walking down towards the ocean my internal monologue was informing me that I’m such an idiot, how could I be so stupid as to throw away $17 on a crappy meal, sorry God for calling myself an idiot…blah, blah, blah, blah!! While I was having this pathetic conversation with myself I spotted an old lady who was struggling with her load.

We locked eyes and I said hello to her. She then replied “I’m pooped”. I offered to help her with her load but initially she refused and told me I was a very kind person.  Eventually she received my help and again called me a very kind person.

As I walked away I suddenly realized that I had, had a moment with God and that my feeling sorry for myself about wasting money is just not worth it. Get over it love!!!! I made a poor choice when it came to ordering food and there are more important things in life to worry about like, showing kindness to someone in need.

God redeemed a wasted, lost moment for me and I am truly blessed and thankful!!!


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