So I had a big cry and rang Maggie!!!

Last night I had  to hand in my first assignment for my uni course and it was almost traumatic!!!  I spent the whole week working on it  feeling as though I was burning time and not getting anywhere. The subject matter was something that I really enjoyed, I had to interview two parent’s  about their views on play.

I haven’t studied for so long that words like referencing and appendix etc are all like another language to me.  As I’m doing this course online  it has been revealed that certain things have missed my radar like; make sure you submit your assignment with a cover page!!!!!

So after much sweat, agony and over use of brain matter I submitted my assignment in the drop box. I felt somewhat relieved and was thinking Thank goodness that bit’s over, or so I thought!!! As I was readying my self for bed I went to turn off the computer but at the last minute decided to check my uni emails and sure enough there was a message from my tutor.

The message was informing me that I had no title page or an appendix!!!…..arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I just wanted to go to bed and what’s an appendix????????

So I did a quick Google search as well as giving myself a very quick tutorial that are available through the blackboard academic suite and promptly fixed up my colossal stuffup!!!(sorry for the cliche but I’m not writing for uni now!!!)

Today I woke up in tears as the whole experience had left me drained and emotional so I rang Maggie!! Maggie is our supper dooper Pastor and really cares for people. The phone call was great and as I was specking to her I said I just want some one to say to me “bad starts don’t mean bad endings”

So today is a new day and I will learn how to be a good academic writer. I just need to hang in there and persevere and give myself a break course lets face it…….uni stuff is not natural!!!!!!


2 responses to “So I had a big cry and rang Maggie!!!

  1. It is so tough getting assignments in – and there is so much to think about other than sweating over the content – I can fully identify with that. I think what we have to hold on to is that this is a learning experience and the process allows us to make adjustments – it’s part of the deal. Your dedication to your subject shines through in this post and I have no doubt that you will go from strength to strength. If we got it right every time what would be the point of study – without our learning they would just hand us the degree straight away! Good luck on your learning journey.


  2. Thanks Jacqueline, I’m so prepared to persevere this time round because what is at the other end is worth it. You’re right about it all being a learning experience!!!!!

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