A passion for play!!

Why do we stop playing? Is play just for children, or are we meant to continue it into adulthood? I’m asking these questions as I’ve been doing  a lot of reading about it for uni.

This morning I was thinking about what it’s like to be an artist and why young children consider themselves as an artist, yet as they get older they cease to think this way.

I see art as a form of play and a place for experimenting and expression. In order to become a good artist you first need to learn how to play with paint or whatever art medium you so choose to express.

Many people struggle to come to terms with art that they can not understand, so therefore bag it out. I just wonder when does this critical thinking come in? Is it the same thinking of  when a child  get’s to a certain age that they must act in a certain way that is fitting to society.

As my son’s imagination has kicked in, I’ve found that we have been having lots of fun playing together. To me this is very stimulating and it makes me want to be a kid again. I always joke around and say that the world has a collective stick up its bum and I mean it.

Life gets to serious and we all need to learn how to play!!! As you watch this commercial, be honest you want to dive in the ball pit too!!!!


2 responses to “A passion for play!!

  1. Hi Tamar….I love this commercial, and when I first saw it, I thought ” now thats what we really need for ‘stress management’….( I am sure there was another one that had a giant playcentre for adults …I think it was also for Mcdonalds) I am with you on the ‘play’ thing…we need to play more people!!!…Play is an undiscovered , inexpensive form of ‘medication’ for stress, anxiety and depression …..forget going to the ‘gym’…lets open up a playcentre big enough for adults to play on to!! ……..thanks for the post.x.

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