Feels like I’ve got a brick in my head!!!

This is my third week of studying and lets just say it’s hurting my brain!!!! I’m not used to this intense reading and gathering of information and lets face it, academics love using big words.

To remedy this I have found when it gets all a bit too much I’ve been going out to the garage and splashing some paint on a canvas. The funny thing is I haven’t painted anything for a whole year, so now that I’m swamped with Uni stuff it seems to be a strong motivation to release the pain!!!!

I didn’t think your brain could really hurt from studying but now I’m convinced that it can. I’m not being dramatic it’s true and I could envision a black brick in my left side of the brain. It felt like it was throbbing(poor thing).

Having said all that, I really don’t think it’s a bad thing for your brain to be stretched. It’s a challenge and the end result will be worth all the injury to my brain. I’ll be a qualified teacher and you can’t regret that!!


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