Just Google it!!!

I can remember a time when, if I couldn’t find something I would just get off my bum and go look for it. If I wanted to know a location or how to  spell a word I would whip out the Gregory’s or a dictionary and turn pages in my searching endeavour. Today, when I find myself in search of something I just say to myself “Just Google it”

It’s so true, I’ve become so stupidly depended on Google that when I can’t something tangible in the house my brain immediately want’s to do a word search on the item!!!! As if that’s gunna work!!!!!! (BTW check out the highlighted link on the word gunna)

It’s amazing how influential the internet has become on my life and the way my brain has been re trained. Perhaps re trained may not be the appropriate word as lazy might be more fitting to describe it?

Oh the woes of this new world, oh how easy is it to search and retrieve things these days, oh, oh, oh, oh!!!!!!……….has anyone seen my keys????


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