I had to make a train!!!!

Yesterday when I picked up my child from school I was informed that it was dress up day for book week the following day. I thought that perhaps I wouldn’t have to come up with anything because Zachy never likes to dress up (or so I thought!!) when he pipes up and says “I want to be a train!!”

So that night, I had to whip down to Bunning’s to get a box and with in half an hour I transformed this meaningless cardboard box into a shiny meaningful train!!!!!!

Yay!!! go me!!!!!

It’s so good to see Zachy enjoying his train!!! I am a firm believer that children don’t need a lot of money spent on them to produce fun. Being a community artist for a number of years it has always been my experience that when you give children a cardboard box and allow them to the opportunity to be creative so much fun is to be had!!


2 responses to “I had to make a train!!!!

  1. hi there i stumbled upon this post while browsing and i agree with you. I used to make telephones and cars out of tin can. I also used boxes to create a clubhouse tunnel. So fun back in my childhood days:) God Bless:D

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