If it was up to me my son would be an artist!!!

Just recently I have felt very pressed to get my son doing some kind of sport. For as long as he could walk he has had excellent ability with ball skills, especially running and kicking a ball.

Being of an absconding nature his running skills are magnificent and I’ve never seen him fall over or collide into anything. It’s like he has a sonar radar and when running through a busy shopping center he has a flow that amazes me. So many people report to me about his ability and if I do not listen to them then my son may miss out on what he is naturally good at.

If it was up to me like my very long-winded title says he would be an artist, However I need to look beyond my own passion and see that my son is his own person. Being a non sporty person means that I’m not really out spotting the talent and recognising it when I see it.  As an artist when I see a child showing artistic potential I get very excited and always share my revelation with the parent involved.

For me now the challenge is to provide the opportunity for my son to participate in some sporty activities. I’ve decided that we must try our local Little Athletics so I gave them a call today which made me feel really good. I’m pleased about both the physical and social benefits that will arise from partaking of such and activity.

Even though I have no sporty love I’m feeling rather excited about Zachy doing something that I think he will enjoy and who knows where it can take him!!!!


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