I want!!!….now that’s novel!!!

Today I was in K Mart looking at house stuff when I started to say to myself “I want built-in wardrobes. I want a decent kitchen with great storage. I want a decent bathroom that doesn’t leak water through onto the hallway carpet. I want a garage that isn’t full of holes and leaks when there is heavy rain. I want a landlord who actually gives a stuff….etc etc etc” You get the picture!!

I am not a person who likes to windge but I have my days and I guess today is one of those days. And by the way, the word windge is a word and we use it here in Australia to describe a constant complainer of life!!

You know, I am actually grateful for the house I live in and believe it was a miraculous  answer to a desperate prayer. However there are a few things that I feel are starting to grate on my nerves. For the money we are paying to  live here, we could have something better just around the corner. It’s this knowledge that has sparked my sudden dissatisfaction and caused me to have an out poring of an “I want!!” episode.

It’s okay to want stuff but when it leads to a life where you are never happy then I would question what it is I am wanting. So what do I really want? I want to be happy regardless of my circumstances. I want my Family to be happy and healthy and glad to be alive. I want a vision from God. I want compassion for other’s and myself. I want to be satisfied with the choices I make in life and have little regret. I want to laugh so hard that I nearly wet my pants. I want to make other people laugh so hard that they nearly wet their pants. I want to feel secure. I want to feel alive.

As you can see, there is a lot of want there and now I ask what do you want and is it attainable and within your grasp? Is it something you ever ask yourself or do you go along day by day not really noticing what you’re feeling.

For myself I’m always checking in with God and I measure my happiness next to what is promised to me in his word. As I attempt to stay within that framework I find that what I want is exhausting compared to doing what God wants. As I reflect on my day I ask God to assist my thinking and turn that dissatisfaction into faith.


2 responses to “I want!!!….now that’s novel!!!

  1. Nice post. Personally, I want to live a life filled with purpose, passion, love, fun, and excitement. I use this as my guide in creating the life that would make me happy. I ask my gut “is this perfect for me?” If my gut says “no” I move on. If it says “yes”, I go with it. It’s served me well. I have consciously gone against my gut a couple of times and knew my gut was right but for whatever reasons at the time I needed to do the opposite. I’ve decided that will no longer be the case. My gut always knows what’s right for me and I trust it implicitly. Thanks for the post. It’s always great to hear/read what others are thinking/feeling/doing to creating the lives they want.

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