Cranes!!!…Why do I like them?????

What is going on with me? Ever since there has been construction going on at my local shopping center I can’t help but be in awe of the cranes!!!! Between my Son and I,  I can’t tell you who has the biggest fascination for these majestic machines???

I can understand my Son’s response to them as all the kids seem to love them, but how do I explain me??? Every time I walk or drive past them something inside me feels really awestruck.

I know!! I sound like a Nutter but I find them esthetically pleasing. I love the way they stretch to the sky and every day they are in a different position. I love the different images they make as sometimes they criss-cross each other. I love the sight of them so much that I’ve taken countless pictures of them with my iphone!!!

Here are just a few.


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