The type of post’s I like to read

I was thinking this morning about the type of post’s that I like reading and what attracts me in the first place to a blog? I was also thinking how much I enjoy being a blogger as it fulfills some expressive need that I obviously have perched inside me. As an artist I find that when I paint it allows me to swim in  self-indulgence guilt-free.

So! what do I like to read? A while back I discovered a blog called the Awkward list I love reading it as I feel that we can all relate to what is mentioned in them and even though most are written in a testimonial style they are not self indulgent. They are uplifting and make you laugh like a Seinfeld episode and I have literally laughed out loud while reading some of them.

I also like instructional posts such as “how to be a better writer” as blogs like that are not only interesting but are helpful to those who are reading it. I’m very fond of Instagram or any type of arty post’s, I love reading about those who journal and who like to write about their observation’s of this world.

I definitely appreciate a blog with a list!! How good is a list??? It just breaks up that body of words and makes you feel all organised inside awwww nice 🙂

  • I love book reviews
  • declarations of faith
  • stories of triumph
  • when everyone was doing the 30 day song challenge
  • funny stories

I could just keep on going but I wont as perhaps I should talk about what I don’t like???? ummm well, I really don’t like reading things which are too self absorbed, like every thing is about me me me me me me me look at ME darling look at me!!!!

Oh!! I really hope I’m not offending anyone by what I am writing and perhaps it can sound a little hypocritical, as I myself are writing till my heart’s content about anything I so desire. It’s just when it’s all about the writer I start to get a little bored!! So does that make me perhaps a self absorbed reader? as the posts that attract me and that I enjoy reading are all things that interest’s me???

I find what I am writing in this post very fascinating, as it really makes me question my own self absorbent levels by what I write and what I read!!!!

Your thoughts??

4 responses to “The type of post’s I like to read

  1. Hey that’s me! Thanks for the link.

    Gotta say, that I really like book reviews and stories of triumph as well 🙂

    By the way, I probably mentioned this before but I think “liontamar” just sounds SO AWESOME I actually say it out loud when I read it haha

    • haha you can even say it with a roar if you like and clench your fist!!!!!

      I’m glad you don’t mind me using your link but I think it’s a great blog to share around!! we all need to laugh at ourselves!!!!

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