Filling out form anxiety…… Is it just me??

I struggle so much with filling out forms that it almost becomes a full-blown anxiety attack. I’ve had in my possession forms to apply for carer’s payment and lets just say i’ve spent a lot of weeks in procrastination towards these dreaded forms.

I’ve recently just applied to commence study for my bachelor of education ( early childhood) and was looking to perhaps apply for Austudy. Now that’s an added dilemma, which one should I apply for and how do I complete these forms with my sanity intact??

I feel so frustrated at myself for being this way as it feels like such a minimal thing to be anxious over. Is it just me or do other’s feel this pain too????


10 responses to “Filling out form anxiety…… Is it just me??

  1. OH MY GOD! This happens to me too! I have horrible anxiety about filling out forms… ANY kind of form and I just put it off and put it off… dreading it for days, even weeks. Sometimes I’ll think to myself, “It’s only a FORM… What is the matter with you? Just do it, it’s no big deal.” But it doesn’t help. I just feel such horrible dread and anxiety about them…

    I didn’t know that there was another person who felt the same way, lol.

    It’s really crazy because I am on this site, and I just ‘stumbled’ on your post here… What are the odds?

  2. This is so interesting…Its been a few years now that I have been going thru this same thing. So I just thought, let me google it and see if someone else has this isssue. I dont know how this came about-maybe its from so many years of doing SO MUCH paperwork( taxes, school forms, doctors forms, applications, etc.)… & then when people have seen how neat my penmanship is or know how meticulous I am, they have said ” hey, can you fill this paperwork out for me? ” :-(( I think it now has me stuck. A moment ago, my daughter just handed me some important forms she wants help with, when I just tried to explain to her that I had to get myself in a certain “mood” to do it..She looks at me like huh??, lol… I had to tell her Im SO Serious…then tried to explan further-she just walked away like I was talking about dust particules or something boring like that… I put off filling out things to the last min…even online forms….Job applications ARE THE WORST!!! makes me feel a lil yuck as I even think about them now..Just glad to know Im not alone.

    • I sometimes worry that I’m going to write the wrong answer lol…I really don’t know why I have this problem but at the look of it i’m certainly not alone lol

  3. I have this exact same problem. I dread and become anxious filling out forms w/c I recheck over and over. It’s a pain. I hate that I second guess myself and so worried about whether I did the forms correctly. Most ppl don’t understand that this is an actual disorder. You are not alone! I hope this doesn’t discourage you, we wouldn’t be given this hardship if we couldn’t handle it.

    • It’s like a get brain freeze lol
      No, I’m not discouraged, especially since writing this post I’ve found that I’m definitely not alone 🙂

  4. Me!! I feel this way 😩 I have a Masters Degree and everything. How could this be my down fall in life??

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