The other night I was watching that new show called “Can of worms” and one of the subjects that came up was “Do Australian’s swear too much?” and who knew that Don Burke liked to let the bad words fly. Let’s just say it was a most fascinating thing to watch and has had me thinking of my own swearing adventures.

For starters I want it to be known that I don’t condone swearing and I really hate hearing it in songs but I try never to judge those who like to use them. Even though I am not a swearer I must confess that there have been times when one or two have  escaped me, and here is my story!! (ching ching…that’s the law and order sound)

My most recent decent into bad language was when I was driving my son to school and I nearly had an accident as some irresponsible driver pulled out of a drive way in my path. As I was swerving to avoid a collision a word came out of my mouth very powerfully!! My son then asked me “Mummy, did you just say buck??” (phew!! that was close) In the afternoon when I picked him up and we were driving home he very tenderly asked me “Mummy can we go on the road where the buck is??”

I can remember other times when I think to myself  “gosh I wish I was a swearer, because right now the use of one would be so musical” Like when you feel so passionately angry about something or frustration has hit that swearing Richter scale.

I then remember when I was a little kid and being in the backyard with no adults present (remember it was the 70’s a lot less adult supervision back then) I would then take that opportunity to just blurt out all the swear words that I knew and do it with passion and power!!! Gosh I was naughty!!!

So that’s enough of my swearing confessions and trust me there is more but I think I’ve given it enough discussion for one day.

So Australia, do we swear too much?


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