Breast is best….but what if it’s impossible???

When I was Pregnant it was such an exciting and wonderful time. I did heaps of research about birth and baby’s and I was determined that I was going to be a breast-feeding Mummy. I believed that breast-feeding was the better option and I still do. With all my research under my belt I thought I was as prepared as I could be. However there are some things you can not prepare for no matter how much research you do on a topic.

My mum kept telling me that her milk never came for both her pregnancy’s. That was my first mistake not paying too much attention to what my mum was saying. I was so convinced that I was going to breast feed and that I had not considered the fact that some women don’t get their milk. Looking back I just think, how arrogant was I?

There is a lot of pro breast-feeding out there but it seems very one-sided as the possibility of not even getting milk isn’t even addressed. I was told that the sucking from the baby stimulates the milk production and the more you breast feed the more you would produce.  All those things are true, however what about those women  whose milk just doesn’t arrive?

When my baby arrived I was so geared for breast-feeding that when it didn’t happen I felt like such a failure. For a start my Son was born with a soft cleft palette and didn’t have a good sucking ability. I used the pump and after 20mins all I could muster was 10 mils(this was still after 8 days of trying). This is not a good thing to be faced with just after giving birth!!

If I could do my time again I would have listened to my Mum and perhaps I could have been taking something for my apparent lack of milk. Had my ears been more opened then I would have realized that in history not all women get their milk and that’s where a wet-nurse was used to feed your new-born baby.

Now My eyes are opened and I want to say to those women who are putting themselves under pressure concerning breast-feeding. Yes breast is best but if it doesn’t happen please don’t see your self as a failure, please don’t think you are harming your child if you give them formula. We don’t all fit into the neat little boxes of life, as unexpected moment’s happen and we need to roll with the punches and not get to hurt about it.

To quote a cliche “At the end of the day we all just want what is best for our baby!!!”


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