WHAT???……..729 clicks!!!!!

On Tuesday when I posted my previous blog  Bazinga, I was shocked mightily as  within 15 minutes of clicking publish  it had hit about 578 clicks. I know it may not seem like a big deal to some but for me it was so exhilarating as 755 was my biggest month.

So how on earth did I achieve this? You tell me!!! I did put it on stumble upon and that’s where most of the clicks come from but I’ve been posting on stumble upon all this time and never with the same result. I think perhaps it was the content as The Big Bang Theory is a popular show and the scene that I used has to be one of the most funniest things I’ve ever seen.

So this is me just bragging and I hope I can get this kind of result more often as gosh it felt good…what a rush!!!!!!


5 responses to “WHAT???……..729 clicks!!!!!

  1. bumped into this post via another one which was via another….. anyhow you know hotw it goes. somehow, you just end up at a post, and there you are. unfortunately i have to run, but i am bookmarking this and i want to see what all the bazinga is about 🙂
    thanks for sharing. i will be back!!

    • Wow!! thanks for that….when I got those clicks it was such a thrill hahaha!! That hasn’t happened for a while but I don’t care because I just like blogging!!! I also enjoy the quality connections that I’m experiencing recently which is what I prefer. 🙂

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