I was blessed with a car!!!

See that lovely lady posing on top of the white car in the photo below? That’s my friend Nikki who blessed me with it back in 2008. We met at TAFE when I decided to redo my Major in Fine Art. One day she caught me in a moment of great distress as I’d only found out  a couple of days prior that my Son had been diagnosed with VCFS. I was a mess and couldn’t stop crying, then Nikki came after  me to find out what all the drama was about.

 After that distressing time I know I found strength in God to keep on going and move pass the grief the best way I could. During all this time I didn’t own a car as a lot of traumatic things happened to us all around the same time. Two of them being bankruptcy and my husband had a car accident leaving us effectively without a car.

Nikki and I would joke in class that we would write a letter to Bill Gates that perhaps he could give me a car and Nikki a brand new one. You never know???

I did however put my faith in God to believe for a miracle because that was the only way we were going to get a car. Little did I know that during that time Nikki was thinking to her self, how she could get me a car.

About a year later and not seeing Nikki for six months due to having different TAFE days I got a rather mysterious phone call from her. She was asking me if I still needed a car and to keep a dollar coin on hand. a few days later I got another call from a very excited Nikki who told me that she just “can’t keep this secret anymore”. that’s when she informed me that she was giving me her car!!!! I went all red and hot and then I screamed out loud.

This lady moved mountains to get herself a new car to pass on her old one, which by the way was ultra reliable. The only condition stipulated was that I call the car Chelsea, Chelsea Chino!!!

This is an amazingly wonderful story and I am always so grateful that God used this very cheeky lady to give me a car. I will never forget her generosity and willingness to make a huge effort to help me out. Receiving that car made a big difference in our lives. It enabled me to take my Son where I needed to take him. I could contribute more to community activity’s including my church and creating awareness for VCFS. I had freedom again to go where I wanted to without putting people out or relying on other’s all the time.

Through this I have learnt that generosity makes a big difference and you should never be afraid to excercise it. Nikki believed in me and was moved with compassion to help me. Trust me being on the receiving end of this type of generosity just blesses your heart!!!


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