O Oh!!…wrong toilet!!!

Ten years ago My Husband and I went to South Africa, Cape Town. It’s such a beautiful place and we had a wonderful time. One day we chose to visit the Art gallery and I felt inspired and a little more educated about such a lovely place. When we had finished and was about to leave I suddenly had the urge to wee, so of I ran-walked-ran. You know that “I’m in public so don’t look too desperate to use the toilet?”

So of I go in my dignified in my own mind walk-run when I hear my Husband shout out “Tam! Tam!” and I yell back “not now! I’m busting!!!” I push the door open, enter the toilet only to be met with the sight of a man peeing in the trough! He shouted out something in his foreign tongue and I quickly made my exit and found the girls toilets!!

I couldn’t stop laughing and when finally I made it out of the toilets I was met by my husband laughing hysterically. I then told him that we better make a move as I didn’t want to see the bloke who I walked in on and I was highly recognizable as my hair was all in tiny little plaits at the time.

So when out in public and your busting for a wee to avoid embarrassment take the time to notice what’s on the door!!!


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