I love being an Artist

I love the creative process of observing the world around me and then interpreting through artistic means. My primary medium is painting and although It’s been on hold for a while it’s still one of my earliest and primal passions. When I was a child I remember the enjoyment experienced when playing with paint and that enjoyment still remains to this day.

Whatever medium I choose to work with the process is just as important as the end product. There is always that wonder of  taking in my surrounds and an insatiable desire to capture the moment whether I write it down or draw a sketch. I then like to ponder those ideas that then lead to paintings or written words.

Of late my chosen medium has been to write and take photo’s with my iphone.  The process, I find is very similar to that of painting.  It’s choosing to be that observing person that document’s my interpretation of the world around me. I’m so glad that my brain works this way for I love being an artist.


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