The value of a person – my response to bullying!!

When I hear, view or read a story about bullying and then the response of the bully is “the media has blown this out of proportion” it just makes me mad. What do you call a teenager who has committed suicide as a result of relentless bullying? what do you call the grief of a mum who has lost a daughter to the effects of bullying? The media have not blown this story out of proportion.

I can’t help but be angry when I hear this for what does that say to the victim and their parents? Or I get perplex and feel frustrated when I see those in authority take a nonchalant view of the situation.  Do you know what it says to the victim? I will speak now for the victim.

It says that “I am not valued as a person that I have been chosen to take the brunt of nastiness and if I tell someone it’s pointless because nothing will change. I am alone in this world and no one is on my side, not even those who have the power to change this situation. I need to stick up for myself or leave the cruelty of this world. But when I do stick up for myself I will be the one who will get into trouble. Where is hope?”

Now I will speak for the victims parents “My child is worth nothing and I am devastated. Everyone just thinks I’m neurotic and  no one seems to be taking me seriously. When the bully then cries victim I am highly insulted and can not believe my ears. Where is the hope?

Bully’s have to know that there are consequence’s to their aggressive behavior!!! If you are a bully and you get caught then please suck it up!!! Your pain is no way as great as the mum (featured in the above article) who grieves everyday from the loss of her daughter.

The compassion which I feel for the bully is that I am sorry nobody had called them into accountability earlier. There is nothing worse than going around in life thinking that being nasty and aggressive is okay and acceptable. When there is a lack of accountability then there is no justice and when there is no justice then evil is allowed to prevail.

I know that I’m coming across strong but how many more  suicides have to happen before there is a shift in the thinking and attitude towards  bullying?

11 responses to “The value of a person – my response to bullying!!

    • thank you for your encouragement,

      I’m just really tired of the injustice of it all. My heart goes out to all those who have had to suffer and have not been heard. I feel that someone has to be the voice and advocate for those who can’t do it for themselves

  1. Hi Tamar,
    The problem in this country is that children are not thought by their parents to be responsible for their actions. And when they get caught, they instantly like to play the role of a victim. This is where the parents fail: they do not teach solid values and morals to their children and the consequences are serious, some times even fatal. I am amazed that some children (you would think that children are innocent beings) can have so much hate towards another child. Bulling is terrible and if you bully then get ready to face the consequences.

    • Hi Bee,
      I know what you mean, you see it a lot of incidence’s where a child does something naughty and they don’t get into trouble because the parent doesn’t want to look like a bad parent. However what they don’t get is the lack of discipline is creating a little monster!!!

  2. I read a report online about two girls that committed suicide because of bullying and it really saddened me. I can’t believe these things are actually happening, but something HAS to be done about it.

    Recently, I’ve been reading on Rebecca Black and her cyber-bullying (she is in a music video that has gotten a lot of attention on, and has been victim of cyber-bullies, millions of them.) and it is just sad to see what people are capable of saying on the internet!

    This is definitely a very serious matter.

    • In an interview she gave, I think to the People Magazine, she said that someone made a comment that she should become an anorexic and die. Rebecka said that made her cry and she felt really hurt. I don’t get where all this hate comes from. I don’t like her “Friday” song but I don’t hate her, it doesn’t make sense. Words hurt so much!!!

      • I don’t like that Friday song either but no need to inflict poisonous words all over her!!! In Australia we had a boy called Casey stick up for himself and then he got into trouble!!! however he’s become kind of a national hero as a result. I think because there is a collective feeling of hopelessness and frustration and when this young bloke stuck up for himself it made every body cheer!!!

        • I’ve seen Casey on TV and internet…he is freaking awesome!!! I love that kid but it really pissed me off when I heard that he got suspended from school because of that incident. What kind of message the school is sending???? Really sad that even when you defend yourself , you are still treated like a criminal.

        • that’s what gets up my goat too, it’s really pathetic and the victim gets treated like the crim and the bully is suddenly the victim???????……that’s why I can’t stop ranting about it!!!

      • Wow that really angers me. I read the comments when the video started showing up everywhere.. I cannot believe people can actually be that mean to her; she’s so young too..


        And I’m glad Casey did what he did. I support that guy.

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