30 day song challenge 11-20

I’m still enjoying the 30 day song challenge, here is the next 10!

  • day 11 – a song from your favorite band – My Happiness by Powderfinger / I’ve liked this band for some years now and have gladly enjoyed listening to them over the years. I think in a lot of their songs they were speaking my language and I always enjoy the poetic words coupled with emotive melodies!!
  • day 12 – a song from a band you hate –  Gold digger by Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx / I think hate is too strong, I don’t Hate Kanye West, he can’t help it if he acts like a knob!!!….any way I actually loooove this song so funky, come on lets dance!!!!
  • day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure – Mind your own Business by Willie Nelson / some things should just remain private and only shared to someone trustworthy…lol
  • day 14 – a song that no one would expect you to love-  I can be your hero by Enrique Iglesias / Please don’t judge me but I can’t help singing  along to this whenever I hear it…. especially when there are people around…and especially in a dramatic hammed up way!!!!!!!
  • day 15 – a song that describes you – Oh happy Day by Elvis Presley / When I gave my heart to the Lord He gave me a gift of Joy. No matter what happens in my life it’s still a happy day…….even after 22yrs of knowing Jesus!!!
  • day 16 – a song you used to love but now hate – Electric blue by Icehouse / I can’t say that I hate this song but it doesn’t have the same enjoyment factor as it had while I was a teenager back in the 80’s!
  • day 17 – a song you hear often on the radio – There’s something in the water by Brooke Fraser / I love this song, however when I do hear this song it seems to stay in my head for the whole day.
  • day 18 – a song you wish you heard on the radio – Girl you’ll be a women soon by Urge Overkill / An old Neil Diamond classic that I like to listen to while painting. This version is brilliant and is featured in one of my favorite films!
  • day 19 – a song from your favorite album – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen from A night at the Opera!! /How hard was it to choose!!! so many great albums that I love but I decided with “The night at the opera” as it was one of the first albums I truly loved and listened to every night on cassette when going to bed!!!….every night ppl!!!! every night!!
  • day 20 – a song you listen to when you’re angry – You got nothing I want by Cold Chisel / I really don’t listen to music when I’m angry so I chose a song full of aggression that I loved as a child!! I was such a quite and peaceful child but when I first heard this song it just blew me away I was about 10!!

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