what a load of crap!!!!

I am enraged right now!! I turned on the telly to watch Dr Phil and there is a bullying story of a 14yr old being tattooed by 4 older boys and then the mum of the bully gets on and defends her Son’s actions!! Or blames the media for telling only one side of the story! Outrages!!! Tell me how we can put a stop to bullying when no one wants to bring the bully into accountability??

What’s going on with the world?? This is a frightening situation and where is the justice? Authority has been stripped from teacher’s and the power has been given to children who don’t have years of wisdom to fall back on. These bullies are out of control and what will happen as they grow to be adults without accountability?

What will happen if more of these types of bullying instances continue to happen without justice being administered? Will parents of the victims begin to take justice? Just a question that we need to ask as who likes to see their child being bullied over and over and over again? Let’s look at Casey, the boy who stuck up for himself and when he did he was the one you got into trouble!!!!

This is the frustration that is boiling in the hearts of many. Not only is there frustration but there is heart ache as more victims are choosing to end their lives. It’s no good just talking about “The end to bullying” but action needs to be put into place too. The return of accountability to ones actions and proper authority restored needs to be put in place. When there is an absence of such things then it leaves the gap wide open for victim’s to inflict their own type of justice.

That’s my rant for the day!!!!!


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