30 day song challenge 1-10

I’ve decided to do the 30 day song challenge on facebook and I’m finding a very interesting exercise to do. here are challenges and my song choices. I’ve broken up the challenge by 10’s!!!

  • day 01 – your Favorite song – Pick you up by Powderfinger/ I’ve loved this song the moment I heard it and I never tire of it. It’s such a simple song yet it strikes me in the heart!!!!!
  • day 02- your least favorite song- The Helen Keller song / who cares who wrote it, I hate it and have a very powerful negative response to it. It’s such a pathetic message using disability to describe someone wanting to get their rocks off!!!!……..I hate it!!!!!…btw I’m not even bothering with a link for this song!!
  • day 03- a song that makes you happy- Feeling Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel / oh such a happy little ditty, I can remember a time of stress in my life where I really needed to slow down and this was the song that I kept singing to myself!!!! 🙂
  • day 04 -a song that makes you sad – Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward / a song from War of the Worlds a total classic!!!! Full of sad emotion, love it!!
  • day 05 -a song that reminds you of someone – The Queen and the Soldier by Suzanne Vaga / this amazing song reminds me of my bff Amanda. She used to always play this on her guitar for us and we’d all be in awe listening!!!!
  •  day 06 – a song that reminds you of  somewhere –  What the world needs now by Burt Bacharach / How can I not share this story? There is fancy toilet in Toowoomba that is electronic and speaks order’s to you like “now put your hands under the water faucet” and when you’re sitting on the toilet you are pleasured with the tunes of Burt Bacharach!!!!!…I can not listen to this song without thinking of that toilet in Toowoomba!!!!
  • day 07 – a song that reminds you of a certain event – Under pressure by David Bowie and Queen / When I gave birth to my Son the radio was playing, I remember a few of the songs that the playing but this one seemed the most apt to choose!!! It’s a lot of pressure to push a baby out!!!!!!
  • day 08 – a song that you know all the words to- Doctor who by Doctorin’ the Tardis / Well the reason this song got chosen is simply because I’m totally crap at remembering song lyrics!!!!…enough said!!!
  • day 09 – a song that you can dance to – Come on Children by the Small Faces / this one is a very hard one. Perhaps the rule should say a song I can’t dance too. So in keeping with the rule I have chosen this rockin song by the Small Faces!!!
  • day 10 -a song that makes you fall asleep to – The Lonely Shepard by Gheorghe Zamfir / Well I really can’t say this song makes me want to fall asleep but it’s very soothing, relaxing and quite haunting….oooohhh I love it it’s beautiful!!!

2 responses to “30 day song challenge 1-10

  1. What a great idea and I just had to comment as you mention quite a few songs that I love and haven’t heard of for years – especially Maxine by Sharon O’ Neill and powderfinger and cold chisel. The Queen and the Soldier is such a great song too 0:)

  2. Thank you 🙂 I really loved doing the 30 day song challenge as it got me really thinking about the rules and what song to choose!! It stirred a lot of memories and ideas to write about!!

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